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MUPS Reporting Reference Chart

Missing Person Reference Guide 1.png
All local police and sheriffs’ departments shall accept any report of a missing person (MP) without delay, per Penal Code (PC) § 14211(a). 

Additional requirements / guidelines are organized by age group.  Note the applicable code section: PC, Education Code (EC), or federal statute (U.S.C.).

Click HERE to view and download a PDF or press on the tabs below to view details by age group.

“Be On The Look-Out” Bulletin

Without Delay

PC §14211(d)

Initial Entry Into The DOJ Missing Person System (MPS)

Within 2 Hours

PC §14211(e)

Copy of MP Report Forwarded To Appropriate Jurisdiction

Within 24 Hours

PC §14211(g)

Written Notice Submitted to School

if a child, within 10 Days

EC §49068.6

MP Report with Photograph and X-Rays Submitted to DOJ*

recommended within 30 days

PC §14212(g)

Initial Coroner Check

Recommended within 30 days

PC §14212(g)

DNA - Advise Family of Right to Submit Sample*

within 30 days

PC §14250(c)(2)

Obtain Dental and/or Skeletal X-Rays and Treatment Notes

AT 30 Days

PC §14212(d)

Validate and Update MPS Record

within 60 Days

NCIC Guidelines

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